Employee Spotlight: Austin Swetz

Name: Austin Swetz

What do you do at ABW?

Project Manager Assistant

How long have you worked here?

11 months.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Learning something new every day. Everyone here, from the project group to the supervisors and the fabricators, are all highly experienced in their field.

I also like being able to use my degree in Computer Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing. Drafting and design is my favourite part of my job. It is both challenging and fun! 

What music do you like?

I mostly listen to classic rock. Anything 60s and 70s with a little bit of 80s and 90s. Favorites include: Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Blue Oyster Cult — too many to list out in one paragraph.

Do you have a favorite book, movie and/or TV show?

The “Lord of the Rings” books. The movies are great too, but nothing compares to the original.

Do you support a particular sports team?

I grew up in Washington, so I’ve always loved the Seahawks. I’m excited to see how the new roster is go- ing to work out this season.

If I’m not at work, I’m probably...

playing on my drum kit or hanging out with my family or girlfriend.

I just couldn’t live without my...

drum kit

The car I learned to drive on was a...

2000 Ford Escort

Something you may not know about me is...

I was in a band for about a year until my guitarist moved to Alaska, and my bassist moved back to Japan. Now I play for my local church band on Sundays in Granite falls.

The best present that I’ve ever received was a...

a laptop for high school graduation.

If I had a time machine for a day...

I would travel back to the first Woodstock and try and see as many of my favourite bands as I could. 

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