Employee Spotlight: Hayley Blackwell-Olsby

Name: Hayley Blackwell-Olsby


Position at ABW:

Business Development Manager


Months / years at ABW:

1 year, 1 month


What do you enjoy about your job?

I love the working with the people at ABW. Everyone is so nice and always willing to pitch in. Just great people!


Do you have a favorite book, movie and/or TV show?

I am addicted to the TV station Investigation Discovery. It’s all about true crime stories. I think in my other life I was a murder investigator.


What music do you like? Any favorite bands / musicians?

I was raised on a little bit of everything, so I like lots of different music. Growing up I listened to Bach and Beethoven, Elvis gospel, Led Zeplin, and Earth Wind and Fire to name a few. My favourite, though, is R&B from the 70’s/80’s.

My favorite band is a group called The Brand New Heavies. It’s old school R&B with a taste of Jazz. Love it!


You’re a musician yourself! When did you first discover you were a talented vocalist?

My mother says I could sing before I could talk. I would put on shows for my family and charge them admission fees when I was about five. I wanted to be on Broadway! What little girl doesn’t, right?


Do you sing in a band?

Yes, currently with a group called Airmail Special.


What’s been your favorite performance?

My last one. I took about two years off and recently had a gig in a small restaurant in Shoreline. I felt so relaxed and comfortable singing...maybe it’s age, or maybe I needed the two years off? I don’t know, but it was a really fun time and I felt I had a strong performance.


Do you have a favorite sports team?

SEAHAWKS!! I love football and can’t wait for the season to start. I’m also excited about Husky football this year...I smell a Rose Bowl in our near future!


If I’m not at work, I’m probably...

Working out. I am addicted!


Something you may not know about me is...

I love refurbishing old furniture. When we moved three years ago, I was able tocompletely furnish my whole master bedroom for about $500 by buying used items and refurbishing them.


If I had a time machine for a day, I would...

Go back into the time period of our founding fathers, when they were writing the constitution. US history fascinating.

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