Employee Spotlight: Jim Sewell



Jim Sewell

Job title:





Years at ABW:

Recently, 1 year 2 months. Overall, about 27 years.


What do you enjoy about your job?

As a supervisor, my favorite part is having your employees respect you as their leader and a person instead being their “boss.” An employee who feels appreciated will always give more than expected.


Do you have a favorite book, movie and/or TV show?

I’m not really a movie buff. My favorite TV show is “Big Bang Theory.”


What music do you like?

‘80s rock (Def Lepard, Scorpions, Van Halen) and older country.


Do you have a favorite sport? Do you havea favorite team?

NFL Football. My favorite team is the Seahawks, of course. This upcoming season? I’m pretty sure they’ll make the playoffs. They seriously need offenline help. Throw the ball to Jimmy Graham!!


If I’m not at work, I’m probably...

golfing, watching ESPN (football, Mariners) or doing yard work.


I just can’t live without my...

wife. We’ve been together for 28 years; I can’t imagine it without her.


Something you may not know about me is...

I dated my wife for two weeks and then I asked her to marry me.


My favorite ice cream flavour is...

Umpqua Chocolate Brownie Thunder.


If I had a time machine for a day, I would...

go back to 1984 and get my 1968 Mustang California Special out of impound.


The car I learned to drive on was a...

1981 Peugeot Fuego.


The best present that I’ve ever received was...

an Atari game console with Space Invaders game.

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