Employee Spotlight: Rick Kain

Richard (Rick) Kain

Quality Control Receiving Inspector


Years at ABW:

30 years and 4 months


What city/town did you grow up in?

Everett, Washington 


What do you enjoy about your job?

It seems like every day is a new adventure. We have created so many projects over the years. I like to see the material, watch the project come to finished product, and then assist in shipping it out to the various customers that we work with. 


Do you have a favorite book, movie and/or TV show? 

"CaddyShack" and "Animal House" are my all time favorite movies.  They were classics and I still use quotes from both of them. At this point in my life, I tend to watch a lot of sports (golf, football, etc. ) but enjoy crime shows like "Criminal Minds," "NCIS, Seal Team," "SWAT," "Hawaii Five O," "Blue Bloods" and "MacGyver."


What music do you like? Any favorite bands or musicians?

I like all music except classical, rap or hip-hop. My favorite is Southern Rock with Classic Rock a close second. Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, and Molly Hatchet have been my all-time favorites. As I have aged, I enjoy listening to the Garth channel which has quite a variety of music. 


Do you have a favorite sport? Do you support a particular sports team? 

My favorite sport to play is golf. I support the Seahawks, the Mariners and the Sounders. (I miss the Sonics). I am kind of a local team fan you could say. Hopefully the coaching will improve and we can get back to the Superbowl.


If I’m not at work, I’m probably…

doing household chores, cooking dinner or trying to get in a round of golf.


I just can’t live without my…

loving wife. We have been together for 36 years and she actually saved my life this past year when I collapsed from a massive heart attack. She is the love of my life.


Something you may not know about me is…

I once took a bus load of head-injured young men to a Mariners game. By the time we got home, many didn't remember that we'd been there, but they all had a great time.


My favorite ice cream flavour is…

chocolate (I know, "boring," as my wife says when we go to Baskin Robbins).


If I had a time machine for a day, I would…

go back and buy my brother’s 1966 Chevelle Super Sport that would be worth a mint now.


The car I learned to drive on was a…

1966 Dodge Dart (yea, I am old).


The best present that I’ve ever received was…

my beautiful daughter 28 years ago next week. Since then she has given us two rough and tumble awesome grandsons Alexander and Jonathan. I also got a pretty great set of Callaway golf clubs from my wife recently :)

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